Exploring NARA

The Heartland of Japanese Food Culture

Washoku, the Japanese cuisine, is a food culture that Japan is proud of. Its roots are in Nara. Japanese cuisine is not only delicious and healthy, but it is also a food culture that our country is proud of, allowing us to experience the nature such as changing seasons through our five senses.
1,300 years ago in Nara, seasonings such as hishio, which has evolved into shoyu (soy source) and miso (soybean paste), which are now essential to Japanese cuisine, were introduced. And seasonings began to be used in the meals of noble people.
That’s when eating has evolved from a mere “thing to live” to “to live a spiritually rich life.” Records of gourmet food from 1,300 years ago can be seen in the Manyoshu, which is the oldest anthology of poems, and wooden strips excavated around Heijokyo, where the capital used to be.
Japanese sake now has many fans all over the world. It is said that it was originated in Shoryakuji Temple in Nara.
Nowadays, Japan has been attracting attention as a country with a long lifespan, and Japanese cuisine, which is one of the reasons for supporting the longevity of people today, is also based on the Chinese medicine concept that food and medicine come from the same source. There are records of Emperor Suiko picking for medicinal herbs during the Asuka period, and the roots of Kampo, Japanese traditional herb medicine, which is originated in China and tailored to the Japanese climate, can be found in Nara.
“Exploring NARA, The Heartland of Japanese Food Culture” is a gastronomy tour where you can learn about the roots of Japanese food and experience its culture.
We would like people from all over the world to experience the roots of Japanese cuisine at its heartland, Nara. And if the depth of Japanese cuisine is shared with people all over the world… We hope that you will enjoy Japanese cuisine and Japan even more.

“Exploring NARA, The Heartland of Japanese Food Culture” Project



“Exploring NARA -the heartland of Japanese food culture” 2023 gastronomy tour

Date & Time / November 30th, 2023 (Thu) scheduled
Venue / Shoryuakuji Nara Prefecture, Japan

¥0 [Capacity] 20 participants

Date & Time / January 21st, 2024 (Sunday)
Venue / Nara Prefecture, Japan

¥0 [Capacity] 7 persons each

Date & Time / January 22nd, 2024 (Monday)
Venue / Shoryakuji Temple

¥0 [Capacity] 10 participants











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