Program05 Sake & Bodaimoto(Japan’s oldest sake mash) Event

Shoryuakuji Temple is known as the birthplace of Japanese sake.

Learn atShoryuakuji Temple, the birthplace of Japanese sake, and taste Bodaimoto sake and consume a seasonal locally produced lunch.

Date and time

November 30th, 2023 (Thu) scheduled


Shoryuakuji Temple

157 Bodaisencho, Nara [Google MAP]

The contents of the events

Volunteers gathered and, relying on old documents, recreated and revived Bodaimoto, Japan’s oldest sake mash in 1996.
You can listen to valuable stories about the history of sake from Mr. Ohara Koshin, the chief priest of this temple, which is the only temple in Japan to hold a sake brewing license and engages in sake brewing.
We will also take a stroll through the grounds of Shoryuakuji Temple, which is known for its spectacular autumn leaves.

Enjoy your lunch in a private space inside Shoryuakuji Temple, where you can enjoy tempura, along with the autumn leaves.
We offer sake from various breweries made with Japan’s oldest sake mash, Bodaimoto, prepared at Shoryuakuji Temple.