Program04 Kaki (Japanese Persimmon) premium event

Gojo City has the largest production of Japanese persimmons in Japan.
This is a special event full of Japanese persimmons that can only be experienced locally.

Enjoy persimmons in the best persimmon town in Japan! -Annual persimmon festival, harvesting experience, and gourmet persimmon in Gojo City, Nara Prefecture.

The contents of the events

After visiting the popular local festival “Kaki no Sato Festival”, you will experience harvesting Japanese persimmons in a farmer’s field, and then have lunch at a farm restaurant located in an old private house of over 150 years old. Please enjoy dishes prepared by local mothers using seasonal vegetables and simple recipes handed down in the area.

In the afternoon, enjoy a stroll around the quaint townscape of Gojo. We will visit Gojo Sake Brewery and hear about Nara Sake from the president. At the popular restaurant “Gembei”, you can also enjoy pairing Nara sake with Japanese persimmons and dishes with Nara roots. Producers of Japanese persimmon processed food, chefs, and breweries in Gojo City will gather to entertain everyone.

Date & Time

November 23rd, 2023 (Thu)

Gathering time:8:45
Meeting Place:Kashihara-jingumae station Central Exit
Break up time:18:30
Dissolution place:Kashihara-jingumae Station