Program07 Special Winter Gastronomy Experience Program/Bodaisen Twice-brewed Limited Special Openings

Bodaisen Twice-brewed Sake at Shoryakuji Temple, the birthplace of Japanese Sake (Normally closed to the public) Limited special opening to the public, special talk by the chief priest and brewer and calligraphy experience.
~Lunch of traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine with Bodaimoto Kasujiru (soup with a sake lees base), green tea & special dessert.

Bodaisen is the origin of today’s sake, which is brewed in a jar and not made in stages. This method of sake brewing evolved into a sake yeast and is widely known as “Bodaimoto”. The Bodaimoto research group has revived this “Bodai Sen” at Shoryakuji Temple in 2021. In addition, you will enjoy a special talk and interaction program with Mr. Ohara, the only licensed sake brewer in Japan, who is still involved in sake brewing, and Mr. Yamamoto, the president of Yucho brewing, who brews “Takacho Bodaimoto.
Besides, you will enjoy a lunch menu that includes “Shoryakuji traditional Buddhist vegetarian meal (in the form of a boxed lunch this time)” and “Bodaimoto Kasujiru (soup with a sake lees base)”, a special winter dish, along with a Bodaimoro Sake drinking comparison. You will also experience “calligraphy” under the direct guidance of Chief Priest Ohara, the birthplace of the ink and calligraphy culture of Nara.

Date & Time

January 22, 2024 (Monday) 

9:20 - (Departure from Kintetsu Nara Station by chartered bus)


Shoryakuji Temple

157 Bodaiyama-cho, Nara City, Nara 630-8413, Japan


Free (monitor tour)
Capacity: 10 persons

Eligible applicants

Foreign residents living in Nara Prefecture and its suburbs, and foreign tourists
*Please cooperate with the questionnaire and hearing after the experience.


① 09:20: Departure from Kintetsu Nara Station (chartered bus)
② 10:00: Arrive at Shoreki-ji Temple
③ 10:00-10:10: Orientation “Shoryakuji Temple and Bodaimoto
④ 10:10~10:50:(Special opening to the public)Observation of “Bodaisen Twice-brewing work”
⑤ 10:50 – 11:20: Guided tour of Fukujuin Kyakuden, Treasure Hall and a Buddhist statue rarely shown to the public
⑥ 11:20 – 12:10:Calligraphy experience at the main hall
⑦ 12:20-14:20:Traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine lunch at Tokuzoin ~Drinking comparison of Bodaimoto and Bodaisen and enjoy the talk~
・Talk by Chief Priest Ohara “History of temple brewing at Shoryakuji Temple”
・President Yamamoto talk (Yucho brewing) “Revival and Present of Bodaimoto”
⑧ Around 15:00 : Departure from Shoryakuji Temple (chartered medium-sized bus) Arrival at Kintetsu Nara Station (The tour will end)
Bodaimoto Sake Drinking Comparison
(Limited special opening)Guided tour of “Traditional Bodaisen Twice-brewed”
Winter Buddhist vegetarian meal lunch
Chief priest Ohara of Shoryakuji Temple
President Yamamoto of Bodai-Ken