Program06 Special Winter Gastronomy Experience Program/Authentic Tea Ceremony and Chakaiseki Experience

A special experience in Nara, the birthplace of Wabicha. You will experience an authentic tea ceremony and a meal (chakaiseki) using traditional ingredients.

Nara began iron production (tatara-seitetsu) in the mountains in the eastern part of the Nara Basin, which led to the development of agricultural machinery. The use of such machinery led to the production of high quality rice, and Nara became the richest region in Japan, where the capital was located.
In ancient times, Okuninushi-no-Mikoto worshiped Omononushi-no-Kami on Mt. Miwa, and in the process of making the area a place of abundant harvest, sacred sake was produced.
After the casting of the Great Buddha, many techniques were inherited and developed in Nara, and tea ceremony utensils were made using the best of these techniques.
The theme of this special program is to taste Nara’s food, agriculture, and the history of the tea ceremony through cuisine and tea ceremonies, and to experience with all five senses the history of Nara, which is connected to Japanese food culture.

Date & Time

January 21, 2024 (Sunday)

Part 1: 16:30~
Part 2: 18:00~


Naramachi Information Center (tea ceremony)・Nara Nagomikan (meals)


Free (monitor tour)
Capacity: 7 persons each

Eligible applicants

Foreign residents living in Nara Prefecture and its suburbs, and foreign tourists
*Please cooperate with the questionnaire and hearing after the experience.

Event Schedule

《Part 1 Schedule》
1) 16:30:Meet at “Nara-Nagomikan” (1st group/7 persons)
2) 17:00-18:00:【Meal 1】 @ Nara-Nagomikan
3) 18:15:5 min. walk to next place
4) 18:30-19:20:【Tea Ceremony 1】 @Naramachi Information Center Tea Room
5) 19:30:We’re breaking up here.
《Schedule for Part 2》
1) 18:00:Meet at “Nara-Nagomikan” (2nd group/7 persons)
2) 18:20-19:20:【Meal 2】 @ Nara-Nagomikan
3) 19:30:5 min. walk to next place.
4) 19:40 – 20:30:【Tea Ceremony 2】 @Naramachi Information Center Tea Room
5) 20:30:We’re breaking up here.
Seat Host / Mr. Tadaaki Fujimaru
Born in 1983. Instructor of Omotesenke Tea Ceremony
An authentic tea ceremony room (in the Naramachi Information Center) as the venue for the tea ceremony
Meals using traditional ingredients (chakaiseki experience)
※This photo is for illustrative purposes