Program02 Chasen making experience in Nara and Narazake marriage dinner

Many Japanese culinary roots can be found in Nara.
Please enjoy Narazake, Japanese food, and experience programs in Nara, the birthplace of Japanese sake and the root of many Japanese foods.

Enjoy making tea whisks and marriage dinner with Narazake in Nara, where matcha and the tea ceremony have roots.

Sadō, the ” tea ceremony”, has its roots in Nara, and the chasen bamboo whisk, a tea utensil, was also born in Nara.
In the first part of the event, you will hear a lecture by Mr. Tango Tanimura, the 20th- generation tea whisk master of Wahokudo, and experience making a tea whisk. You can also taste matcha green tea sweets from Hotel Nikko Nara. In the second part, you can drink a rare Narazake, listen to a talk by the sake brewer, and enjoy local cuisine.

Date & Time

November 5th, 2023 (Sun) 17:00-20:00

(17:00~ Lecture & chasen-making experience, 18:00~ Narazake & special dinner, sake brewer's talk)


Hotel Nikko Nara

8-1 Sanjohonmachi, Nara [Google MAP]

Event Details

Lecture about the tea ceremony and its tools by chasen master Tango Tanimura, followed by demonstration and your own hands-on experience in making a tea whisk

Mr. Tango Tanimura, 20th generation chasen master of Wahokudō, remains the only tea whisk master in Japan to whom the techniques were passed down from one generation to the next. He will talk about the tea ceremony and its tools and demonstrate how to make a tea whisk.
In addition, you can make a tea whisk with colorful threads as a precious souvenir for creating an authentic matcha latte. After the experienceyou can take the tea whisk home.
There will also be a special-edition sale of a tea whisk made for this project by Mr. Tanimura, a tea bowl by potter Yutaka Ono, and a tea whisk box by Urasenke Associate Professor Munehiro Gotō.

【Special talk by guest speaker】
Lecture on Nara sake by Mr. Chōbei Yamamoto, 13th generation owner of Yūchō sake brewery

The sake served at this special dinner is the highly popular “Kaze no Mori” (“Wind Forest”), for which old traditions have been modified to create new ones. We hope you will enjoy the color, aroma, and taste with all five senses!
And then there will be Takachō (“Leader of the Falcons”), made with Bodai-Moto, Japan’s oldest sake yeast starter. The guests will be able to fully enjoy both “avant-garde” and “classic” Japanese sake.
The lecture on Nara sake will be held by Mr. Yamamoto, President of Yūchō sake brewery. Please enjoy a valuable brewer’s talk about sake brewing in Nara, the birthplace of Japanese sake, and pairing it with dishes.

Marriage of sake and special dishes – with special matcha sweets!

Various unique dishes will be served to enjoy the marriage with sake. A recipe is included to enjoy a different matcha latte using the tea whisk you made during the experience.
●Wahokudo, Tango Tanimura official website
●Yucho Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
日航ホテル奈良/Hotel Nikko Nara
油長酒造 山本社長/Yucho Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
和北堂 茶筅/Wahokudo Chasen (Tea whisks)