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The "Exploring NARA -the heartland of Japanese food culture" project (after this referred to as "the Project"), which operates this website (, is deeply aware that your personal information is essential information that constitutes your privacy.

The project is committed to ensuring that your personal information and matters about privacy are secure, that the purposes for which it is used are precise, and that it is accurate.
To ensure that our customers can confidently use the services provided on this website, we are committed to protecting personal information under the following privacy policy.

Personal information is data that can be used to identify a customer. This information includes your name, age, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information that can be used to identify you as an individual.

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information
1. We will collect, use, and adequately provide personal information. ※1
2. We will strive to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or personal information leakage.
3. We will comply with laws, regulations, and norms regarding personal information.
4. We will continuously strive to improve the protection of personal information.

※1 The primary purpose of using personal information is to "respond to various inquiries.